Hyderabad On The Verge Of Becoming Global City

United-21, Hyderabad
Those travellers which travelled Hyderabad earlier and are going to visit it again in the near future will come to know what drastic changes have occurred in this city as far as infrastructure is considered. The race of the city to stay ahead of other Indian cities as far and development and infrastructure is concerned is worth praising.
Conference hall in Hyderabad
While developing the city more attention is given on improving infrastructure because it is always considered as the basic measure for comparing the progress of the city towards achieving fame of a developed city. Well planned approach of theauthorities by putting more efforts on constructing roads and runways is reflected in its construction of outer ring road as well as improving the quality of highways, which are connecting the settlements in the vicinity of the city. This newly constructed road more than one hundred fifty km in length is connecting some of the recently developed areas after Madhapur. Some of the outstanding projects like the longest flyover in the country called PVN Rao express highway, which connects the International airport with JN express highway has virtually reduced the distances to travel inside the city. Metro Rail project in Hyderabad is the most ambitious project which will be implemented in six stages and is supposed to be completed in the year 2017. Along with the infra structural development hotels in Hyderabad are also showing a great improvement in their services.