Explore the Pearl City and its Picturesque Beauty

White Tigers at Zoo
The City of Smiles, of a thousand faces, lovingly referred as the Pearl City, Hyderabad offers wide range of tourist attractions. This beautiful city is covered with heritage monuments, lakes, parks, gardens, and resorts. It is famous for various mouth-watering cuisines. To travellers, Hyderabad is a fascinating panorama of the past, with an immaculate blend of culture and tradition spanning more than 400 eventful years. Over the years, this city has seen a dramatic growth, which has simultaneously impacted the number of Hyderabad hotels.

Monkeys at Nehru Zoological Park

The never-ending attractions in the city of Hyderabad make every visitor fall in love with it on their first visit. One such attraction is Nehru Zoological Park, which is also known as Hyderabad Zoo. Named after the late Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, this zoo was established and opened for public in the year 1963. This zoo is spread over an approximate area of 380 acres and managed by the Forest Department of Andhra Pradesh Government. The forest department mainly works toward rehabilitating endangered species and creating public awareness for protecting wildlife. Tiger safari, lion safari and bear safari are key attractions of this park.