Enjoy A Comfortable Diwali Vacation With United-21, Hyderabad

Deepawali is truly one of the most awaited Festivals among the Hindus around the globe. All of us have their plans all set far ahead of time for the forthcoming vacations. Diwali basically is an awesome occasion flooded with illumination, fire crackers in addition to reunions enables people just forget about past sorrows and kindles a spark of hope for a brighter New Year ahead.

Diwali Celebrations 2014 in Hyderabad
People clean and decorate their homes, invite close friends and relatives, enjoy card games, and watch television programs. Attending authentic cultural gatherings for example morning shows or musical shows along with Festive Rituals not to mention Traditional Meals was formerly a regular state of affairs in India in the time of these days. Nowadays all this is definitely not as effortless as it used to be, owing to the fast paced schedules and individualistic way of living in the cities.

Deepavali Celebrations 2014 in Hyderabad
Today people resort to time saving and affordable ways to celebrate any festival. They tend to step out of their hectic lives, find quite a few good places of interest nearby to really enjoy such family events relieving themselves from the hassle of actually hosting parties at their home. They opt for good get-away deals and simply ask their pals, close relatives, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances to join them to celebrate the festival. You can a identify a nice place where you can have everything for everyone under-one-roof. Luxury Hotels in Hyderabad with decent environment should be a perfect place to outsource this commitment of making your entire Diwali more pleasurable this time.

United-21, Hyderabad wishes you a Happy Diwali!

Festivals Galore in Hyderabad

What a perfect start to the month of October with Dassera on 3rd October and Eid al-Adha on 6th October. Both these festivals are celebrated with great fervour and gaiety in Hyderabad.

Dussehra Festival in Hyderabad
Dassera, also known as Vijaydashmi is celebrated as a victory of good over evil. It falls on the tenth day of the Ashwin month as per Hindu Calendar. The first nine days of the month are celebrated as Maha Navratri, wherein people perform fasts, organize social gathering and perform religious rituals As per Hindu myths, it is the day when Lord Ram slayed demon king Ravana and Goddess Durga over buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Durga Devi Puja
As per Islamic tradition, it is believed that when Abraham was about to sacrifice his son as per God's command, his son was replaced by a dead ram. It was God's way to test his patience and faith in the Almighty. Since then, Muslims around the world celebrate this day, as Eid al-Adha. In India, people sacrifice Goat, hence it is also known as Bakri-Eid. The meat of the sacrificed goat is distributed among family, neighbours and poor.

You can witness people from both religions enjoying each other festivals. The whole city wears a decorated look and the only one to explore is to be here and see it yourself. Check in for a day or two, book your stay in Hyderabad and witness how people from different religion celebrate festivals with each other.