Ways To Get Around In Hyderabad City

With new flyovers and the sanctioning of many other projects for easing traffic congestion, getting around in Hyderabad city has become much easier for its residents as well as tourists. The most cost-effective means of transport in this part of the world are buses operated by Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. If the travellers are willing to spend some more, they can get into the luxury and semi-luxury buses. Usually the front seats of buses are reserved for ladies, while men can occupy the back seats.

Temples in Hyderabad
Auto-rickshaws are considered by many as the best option for travelling within Hyderabad city. Many auto-rickshaw drivers play music while driving, and those taking a ride in them can enjoy the tracks while watching some of the best hotels in Hyderabad on the way. Tourists can keep all belongings at the back of their seats in these auto-rickshaws.

Tourism in Hyderabad

Over the years, several car rental companies have come up in Hyderabad, which provide cars that travellers can drive themselves, or the ones driven by chauffeurs. These vehicles offer great comfort and convenience to the tourists during sightseeing or airport transfers. Another great option to get around Hyderabad is the MMTS (Multi Modal Transport System) trains that provide daily services in the city.