Taramati Baradari: A Symbol Of Hyderabad's Glorious Past

Constructed on the banks of Musi river in the Indian city, Hyderabad, Taramati Baradari is a 'sarai' or 'caravan station' in literary terms. It is the part of a garden built in Persian style during Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah's reign, called Ibrahim Bagh. There are many stories that have been linked with the history of Taramati Baradari. Most popular among them is the one associated with the romance between Abdullah Qutub Shah, the seventh Sultan of Golconda, and his favourite courtesan, who was known as Taramati.

The tourism department has used this romantic tale to promote this particular location in Hyderabad. Another popular story describes the Sultan's fascination for two sisters, Premamati and Taramati. It is said that they used to dance on ropes tied between their pavilion and balcony of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah. As a tribute to these dancing duo, they were buried in the Qutub Shahi kings' royal cemetery.

While enjoying a wonderful vacation in Hyderabad, tourists can visit this historical structure while exploring Ibrahim Bagh. An accommodation in any of the hotels in Hyderabad would give tourists the chance to visit Taramati Baradari quite conveniently. Fabulous amenities provided in their hotels would make staying in them a pleasant experience.