Hearty Cuisines of Twin Cities Secunderabad and Hyderabad

Twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad have common influence over their history, architecture, culture and yes, aromatic cuisines. Popular for their Biryani dishes, these clone-cities offer world famous intricate mix of flavors that are immensely treasurable for food-lovers.

Rock and roll food fest
Both cities prepare delectable dishes carefully chosen the spices and age-old kept secrets coming from the Qutub shahi era that adds the royalty to the taste. A lot of condiments, herbs, and spices in the dishes that go accurately well with each other give the dishes a distinct aroma.

Dishes here are cooked with love and heartfulness that gives a special feeling and makes you yearn for more. Most of the dishes contain coconut and tamarind and lots of love goes into cooking these dishes making you yearn for more!

This can be seen in a distinct way of preparation that is done by sealing the utensil with dough and let the dish simmer in low flame. This is called the technique of 'Dum' and is used so that the aroma and taste spread evenly throughout the dish, can be seen in 'Dum Biryani'. Dishes are sometimes garnished with 'warq' (very thin flattened piece of silver) or saffron (The spice gold) for a royal-but-local presentation!

Sea Food Rice
Another unique dish like 'Kachche-gosht ki Biryani' is prepared with raw meat stir-fried with spices (commonly known as Masalas) and cooked in low flame for preparing. Mouth-watering 'Mirchi ka Salan' is chilly curry and DDahichutney is prepared by mixing onions, coriander, pudina and green chillies in curd or yoghurt.

Where to find such delicacies? Although you can easily find such mouth-watering delicacies all over Hyderabad and Secunderabad cities locally but it gets special when someone invites you for a home-cooked family meal.

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