Ugadi Festival In Hyderabad

Ugadi Festival in Hyderabad
Hyderabad the ancient city of Nizams has popped up in recent times as the most modern Indian city running ahead in the race of technology and infrastructure. This city is the melting pot of many diverse cultures and religions churned together to give rise to a city with flying colors seen in its festival and other celebrations. Celebrations of these festivals are doing the important work of bringing various communities and religions together to build stronger ties among each other. People greet each other whole heartedly leaving aside all the misunderstandings of the past.

Ugadi Festival in Andhra Pradesh
Taking a look on the list of festivals in Hyderabad celebrated throughout the year, there are hordes of festivals which are celebrated with gaiety. In mid January one of the major festivals called Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great enthusiasm which gives a green signal to the beginning of celebrations followed after it. It is a massive celebration lasting for three days first day being Bhogi, second Sankranthi and third day is Kanuma. All the three days are scheduled with different rituals including fasting. Other event is annual music and dance festival providing great opportunities to musicians to present their skills and a rare chance to the audience to witness exclusive performances of the reputed professionals in this field. February has Deccan festival of Hyderabad, in March Shivaratri and in the month of April one of the unique Ugadi festival. This festival is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm in Hyderabad which marks the departure of winter and arrival of spring making the atmosphere pleasant with blossoming flowers, ripping mangoes and air filled with fragrance of Jasmine. Prayers are made for a New Year filled with happiness and prosperity. New Year celebrations in Hyderabad in the form of Ugadi brings families together for a joyous celebration in the houses which are nicely cleaned and decorated traditionally. Eating incredible festival food offered on banana leaves along with family and friends is the splendid moment enjoyed once in a year.

Shopping for Ugadi Festival
If you are interested in celebrating arrival of New Year in a more energetic way at one of the exclusive locations in Hyderabad, then Hotel United-21 near Secunderabad railway station is the right venue for you. Celebrate Ugadi in a more charming atmosphere at United-21, which will be a memorable experience.

Holi Celebrations in Hyderabad

Holi festival is around the corners and Hyderabad is totally ready for this year’s vibrant Holi celebration in and around the city. Arrival of spring is noticed here by the blooming flowers, leaving behind harshness of winter and a time ahead to celebrate one of the most popular festivals of this region. Among the festival celebrations, splendid holi celebrations in Hyderabad are popular in this region.

Holi Celebrations in Hyderabad
Like every year the city is going to get immersed in festive celebrations at many of its incredible venues spread across the city. This city famous for its ancient monuments and delicious cuisines like Biryani is also well known for its festive celebrations and among them Holi is celebrated with lots of gaiety. This historic city of Nizams becomes more exotic in the month of March, when rampant celebrations bring lots of cheers and applause among the residents. This is the time when a communal harmony is observed and people of many faiths are seen to be mingling with each other and an overall atmosphere of joy is observed. The traditional bazaars of Hyderabad are brimmed up with colors and color guns for splashing those colors. One special thing about the city is that mostly natural colors are used here, which are made from herbs like Bilva, Haldi, Kumkum and Neem, Apart from Bhang a special nutritious drink called thandai prepared from rose petals, pista, and badam is available in many neighborhoods. Like Holi celebrations festival of colors or Rangapanchami in Hyderabad is also an occasion to be witnessed. 

Rangpanchami Celebrations in Hyderabad
 Secunderabad has many markets offering organic natural colors to be used during Holi. It is also the city having many venues like hotels and resorts, where incredible Holi celebrations are arranged. Holi bash is organized by many well known hotels and restaurants in Secunderabad, where you can join variety of cultural and entertainment events. This year you have one more option of Hotel United-21 located near Secunderabad station, which is one of the best venues for joining some of the incredible events arranged on the eve of Holi. The hotel is best for both leisure tourist as well as business class offering huge list of amenities and facilities to be enjoyed at reasonable cost.