Holiday destinations in Hyderabad

Hyderabad the capital of Indian state Andhra Pradesh is a historic city preserving the relics of Nizams rule like the monument of Charminar. Once a flourishing trade center of pearls and diamonds this city of Nawabs, has continued to be popular for its exclusive cuisine the Hyderabad Biryani. This city once a popular cultural centre has recently acquired fame due to Ramoji film city, which is a studio and a hub of modern film making. Traditional bazaars of Hyderabad are attracting many businessmen to this city of pearls.  Some of the popular holiday destinations in Hyderabad include Charminar, Chowmahalla palace and Salar Jung museum.

Tourist attractions in Hyderabad
Charminar the most popular landmark and a global icon are located on the banks of Musi River neighbored by the traditional Laad Bazaar and historic Makkah Masjid. There are many theories behind reason of constructing Charminar, but the most believed reason says that it was built in the city center for remembering the ravages of plague, which troubled the city in historic times.  Chowmahalla Palace the seat of Asaf Jahi dynasty, which was meant for official guests and royal visitors, is well known for its identical architectural style of construction. This palace now serves as the best venue for hosting corporate events and cultural evenings. Weekend gateways’ near Hyderabad are Warangal, Bidar, Bhadrachalam and Vijaywada.

Salar Jung the most popular monument of Hyderabad located on southern bank of Musi River is surrounded by other historic monuments. This museum having thirty eight galleries distributed in three buildings preserves an innumerable collection of art objects. It is one of the well organized museums in India. Some of the most popular tourist places in Hyderabad are Golconda fort, Qutb shahi tombs, Falaknuma palace, Asman Garh palace, Jagannath temple, City museum, Hussain Sagar Lake, NTR gardens, Indira Park and Nehru Zoological Park. Some of the best weekend gateways’ near Secunderabad are Ramoji film city and Hyderabad public gardens. Whenever you step into Hyderabad for a leisure travel, business meeting or spending a vacation in Hyderabad you can come and avail of the comfort in our United-21 Hotel in Hyderabad. United-21 launched recently has bagged the best new boutique hotel award due to its prompt service and luxurious suits.

Republic Day Celebrations In Hyderabad City

Hyderabad, the capital and largest city of Andhra Pradesh, is also a place visited by plenty of tourists every year. It is known for its historical structures like the Charminar and Golconda Fort. It is also popular for its traditional bazaars that have survived over the years, such as Sultan Bazaar and Begum Bazaar. The events and festivals in Hyderabad equally attract large number of people, as they involve great festivities and loads of enthusiasm. Republic Day is celebrated in this city with the same grandeur as in other parts of India. 

Republic Day Celebrations in Hyderabad

Schools, colleges, government and private establishments, actively participate in the Republic Day functions. Parades are a common sight everywhere on this day, with most of them conducted by schools of the city. Similar scenes can be witnessed in Secunderabad city, which has the presence of a large army and air force. The official celebration of Republic Day is often held at the parade grounds of this city, with the chief minister and governor among the participants. It is called the twin city of Hyderabad for its association with the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Various cultural associations also organize Republic Day events, where one can witness flag-hoisting ceremonies and distribution of sweets.

Tourists visiting the capital city in late January can participate in the events associated with this day at various places. The Republic Day celebrations are also hosted by many hotels and resorts in the city. Travellers who book their stay in such hotels would also get a chance to be a part of these events. United-21 is one such hotel, where all the important occasions are celebrated with great zest by the staff. It offers world-class accommodations for business travellers as well as leisure tourists. Guests of this hotel can also benefit from all the modern amenities designed to make their stay pleasant and memorable.

Makar Sankranti Celebrations In Hyderabad

People of Hyderabad welcome every festive occasion with great enthusiasm, and also involve the tourists visiting this city in their festivities. The Hindus of Hyderabad celebrate Makar Sankranti as a harvest festival, just as in most of the other regions of India. It is probably the only Hindu festival, which is celebrated mostly on the same date every year. It marks the passing of sun from one zodiac to the next, and is an important day for Hindus in Hyderabad. On this day, women make colourful designs called 'Rangolis', in front of their houses using flowers and several other materials. 

Makar Sankranti Celebrations In Hyderabad
This three-day festival starts with bonfires that are lit from household wastes, called 'Bhogi'. Houses are adorned with mango leaves and marigold flowers, while people visit their near and dear ones staying at distant locations as a part of the celebrations. Among all the festivals in Hyderabad celebrated every year, this is a special one for many. It is due to the fact that many people indulge in kite-flying on this occasion, and lots of them throng the shops to buy kites and a special thread called 'Manja'. Tourists visiting the city around this time of the year, get to witness amazing festivities at different places.  

Many of the resorts and hotels located in Hyderabad also celebrate this festival in their own unique way. Tourists who choose Hotel United-21 to book their accommodation while visiting this city, can get a glimpse of event celebrations in Hyderabad during festive occasions. This hotel celebrates every festival with special events or functions that are planned specially for such days. Guests of this hotel also get to savour some mouth-watering delicacies that are made available in its multi-cuisine restaurant called Spices & Sauces. Their stays are made memorable with elegant rooms and suites that are well-furnished and fully equipped with modern facilities.

Majestic Holiday Destinations In Hyderabad

Fondly called 'The Pearl City', Hyderabad has plenty of attractions for tourists wanting to explore its various offerings. It was founded by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, but was later captured by the Mughals. The rule of Qutub Shahi dynasty and Nizams had a significant effect on the city's culture. The holiday destinations in Hyderabad have the traces of this city's former rulers in the form of beautiful architectural wonders. One can witness the grandeur of these historical structures while exploring the different places in Hyderabad.

Tourist Places in Hyderabad
In recent times, the city has built a reputation of being one of the most preferred business locations, as it has many IT companies, manufacturing units, research centres and financial institutions. Both city residents and tourists are always looking for weekend getaways near Hyderabad to have a pleasant holiday. Among all popular attractions of this city is the Charminar, which is the signature monument of Hyderabad. It was built by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, and is located at the centre of the original city. Golconda Fort is another famous attraction, which hosts a unique show for tourists, involving sound and light effects. The weekend getaways in Secunderabad can also be explored by people who are on the lookout for some fantastic places near Hyderabad.

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New year 2014 celebrations at Hyderabad

Winds of change are flowing in Hyderabad which is good news for the new generation of the city as well as to the many outsiders, who have settled here for one purpose or the other. With the advent of technology and technology parks in Hyderabad the scenario and lifestyle both seem to be adapting a modern edge. The city is seen to be getting transformed into a 21st century modern business hub, where you have every choice to enjoy life the way you want. Obviously it is also applicable to the massive New Year celebrations at Hyderabad.
New Year Celebrations in Hyderabad
In last few years the increase in number of star and budget hotels in Hyderabad has opened up new options for the vacationers, as well as the regular party monsters to spend a few hours in one of these hotels or resorts. Increase in number of hotels has automatically boosted competition among the service providers resulting in better service at these places of accommodation and entertainment. United-21 Hotel, has opened up a new chapter by introducing a world class hotel in the twin city Secunderabad which has a great historical and cultural background. This city being the hub of transportation the hotel is easily accessible from every corner of the twin cities. Visit us for joining a unique New Year celebration in Secunderabad.

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