Christmas Celebrations in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is showing a transformation as well as shift in trends as far as cultural celebrations are concerned. Day by Day this city of the Nizams is becoming cosmopolitan with the influx of professionals coming here for the purpose of business or to join some of the high profile jobs in the city. The city now equipped with better infrastructure makes the inflow of tourists smoother. Modern Hyderabad is a well blended mix of many religions, cultures and lifestyles. Christmas celebrations in Hyderabad are becoming more popular in this region.

Christmas Celebration in Hyderabad
Government’s decision to celebrate Christmas officially has received a wave of appreciation amongst the residents of the city. This news was most welcomed by the Christian community in the city and they have big plans of celebrating Christmas this year. Inspired by this news the atmosphere in Hyderabad seems to be cheering and enthusiastic. Charm of the celebrations will be observed at Hussainsagar, where a cruise boat named “Floating Christmas” will be the main attraction. This is the most romantic place in Hyderabad having a historic background and serene surrounding. This lake on river Musi looks beautiful with a statue of Buddha standing in the middle of the lake.  Carols will be sung by groups coming from different places and navity scenes with a Telugu touch will be raised on the cruise ship. Generally Christmas event in Hyderabad hotels is getting better response compared to recent past. Hotels in Hyderabad have already started their preparations for the upcoming festival. 

Since it is an official celebration many dignitaries and celebrities will be reaching the venue to attend the celebrations. Hotels and resorts will be jam packed by the great influx of the visitors during the Christmas period. Event managers are totally busy in planning the events in different hotels and resorts. Every hotel is busy in making best arrangements for the upcoming celebrations in order to attract more and more crowds. Staff at Hotel united-21 Hyderabad is totally geared up to turn their first Christmas celebration into a memorable event. The hotel is leading the race by achieving “Best New Boutique award” soon after its official launch. We at Hotel United-21 Hyderabad welcome our guests to come and witness the grand Christmas celebrations which are going to become one of the top events in Hyderabad.